Calendar "On the Road" + Print for Australia

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Art edition calendar “On the road”

Three Variants
I: Calendar + silkscreen print “Summer" 
II: Calendar + silkscreen print “City” 
III: Calendar + 2 silkscreen prints 

Calendar + 1 Print (120€) + Shipping to Australia (40€) 
Calendar + 2 silkscreen prints (190€) + Shipping to Australia (40€) 


42 x 30 cm / 16,5 x 11,8 in
A collection of 13 extra high res Hybrid offset prints, spiral bound. We have kept the design as minimal as possible. Each drawing is only annotated with the month and a description of the location. Without referencing specific dates or the year, it can be used as a perennial calendar. The last page contains an overview of all images and cover.  

Cardboard Case

44 x 32 cm / 17,3 x 9 in
The calendar presented in an orange cardboard portfolio, embossed with a reflective foil artwork. 

Silkscreen print

33,5 x 25 cm  / 13,2 x 9,4 in
The calendar comes with one (or two) signed silkscreen print(s) 
Depending on the variant selected:

Print “Summer”, 2 color silkscreen, signed 
Print “City”, 2 color silkscreen, signed

on 300 gr Munken paper

Ariane Spanier

Published by
Abstractometer Press