Linocut Prints

Limited edition linocut prints by Christoph Niemann

All prints come with a signed and stamped certificate of authenticity.

About Linocut printing:
All linocuts are handmade in Berlin. The printing technique is a variant of woodcut, using a softer material like linoleum or softcut blocks. Christoph cuts the image into the material creating a relief-like surface. The sheet is then inked with a roller and then impressed onto the paper, printing only the raised or uncarved areas. However, due to the soft properties of the material, this printing technique only allows a small edition. He personally dates, signs and numbers the prints.

Shipping costs are being individually calculated at the checkout. 
We will make sure to include a statement which proofs the originality of the work for a duty free entry into non-EU countries. However, it can happen that in some cases duty costs will be charged for the consignee. 

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