About the art


Thank you for your interest in Christoph Niemann’s art, and welcome to our shop! This section gives you a little insight into the different artworks and related topics. If you have further questions please contact us at: shop@christophniemann.com 

Available editions in our shop include silkscreen prints, letterpress prints and offset prints. All of these are original artworks by Christoph Niemann and are signed, dated, and numbered. A print edition is a series of prints produced in the same way at the same time. The numbering follows established rules: The number »7/20« for example shows that the print is the seventh print of an edition of twenty. Outside the official edition there are a few so called Artist Proofs. These are called »A.P.« or  »E. A.« or »E. d‘A.« (Épreuve d‘artiste). 

— Silkscreen Prints
All silkscreen prints are handmade in Berlin. The method involves printing ink through a stencil. Each color needs its own stencil, which consists of a porous fabric mesh, that is stretched across a frame. Christoph prepares the color separations, selects the inks and supervises the printing process. He personally dates, signs and numbers the prints. 

— Letterpress Prints
All letterpress prints are produced in Berlin. During the printing process an inked raised surface is pressed into the paper, creating an impression or relief-like effect. They are numbered, dated and signed.

— Linocut Prints
All linocuts are handmade in Berlin. The printing technique is a variant of woodcut, using a softer material like linoleum or softcut blocks. Christoph cuts the image into the material creating a relief-like surface. The sheet is then inked with a roller and then impressed onto the paper, printing only the raised or uncarved areas. However, due to the soft properties of the material, this printing technique only allows a small edition. He personally dates, signs and numbers the prints.

— Offset Prints
Offset prints are produced by our trusted supplier, SIZ Industria Grafica in Verona, Italy, who specializes in high quality art reproductions. The technique involves a plate, which is used to transfer the image onto a rubber role, transferring the image onto a sheet of paper. The offset editions are marked with an embossed seal designed by Christoph. They are numbered, dated and signed.

Each drawing is a singular piece of art, created and signed by Christoph. His preferred medium is ink on paper, in which the colors depending on the purity and concentration create different degrees of dilution. 

For collectors who are interested in his original drawings, we have created a private online gallery. You can easily access it by sending an email to collection@christophniemann.com. You will automatically receive a link to a private site with detailed information and direct online purchase options. For inquiries about original artworks please send an email to gallery director Thekla Mellau.

In order to allow more people to buy our prints, our relatively low starting prices provide an advantage for those who decide to buy early on. Limited, signed Editions sell out over time and increase in value: When the first half of an edition is sold, it increases in price and again if only a few copies of that edition are left.

All the artworks we sell in our shop come with a certificate of authenticity, or COA. The COA is a document that proves an artwork is genuine and authentic. It is signed and stamped by Christoph and entails all the information about the artwork (title, technique, year, edition number etc.) ensuring that it is produced by Christoph Niemann and no one else. Furthermore, the document aids in the prevention of counterfeit. Even if you buy an artwork by Christoph Niemann on the secondary art market, please only buy artworks that come with a COA. 

Since safe shipping of glass frames is prohibitively expensive, we don’t sell framed works online. We have collected a few basic framing recommendations for you. We only sell framed works out of our studio by appointment. For more information please contact Gallery Director Thekla Mellau

The images you see in the online store represent the original as closely as possible. Since natural pigments and paper can’t be accurately reproduced digitally, the original artworks (prints and drawings) may look slightly different from the digital preview. The most common feedback we receive from collectors is that the original art they receive feels richer and more nuanced than the digital preview suggests.

With the purchase of an art piece, you become the owner of the physical art piece. The copyright remains with Christoph Niemann. You may not reproduce the image without written consent of Christoph Niemann.

We may contact you if your original drawing is considered to be included in a museum show. You are of course under no obligation to agree to such a loan. For press inquiries and exhibitions please contact studio director Verena Emke.

Abstractometer Press, founded by Christoph Niemann, exclusively publishes and distributes a number of the artist’s books. These books are available exclusively here in our shop. Most books are signed, and some come with a silkscreen print. Please see the description of each item for more information.

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