We do not offer free shipping because - there is no such thing as free shipping. Shipping always involves the transportation of goods, packaging materials, CO2 emissions and labor. We think awareness of this cycle is important and a crucial step towards a more sustainable future. 

The CO2 emissions generated by our parcel transport are offset by the numerous projects of the non-profit association MyClimate worldwide (including reforestation and forest protection, energy efficiency,...). Their projects work toward a quantifiable climate protection and sustainability that contributes to the SGD’s (Sustainable Development Goals) defined by the United Nations. If you buy something in our online store, the transit of your order is climate neutral.                

Packaging Material
Reduce, reuse, recycle: breaking down our packaging  

The best path to a more sustainable future is the three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle. Since we have to maintain a standard of packaging in order to guarantee the safety of your shipment of art, we make sure that the materials used are kept as sustainable as possible. Therefore, we try to ensure that the majority of our packaging is made from recycled materials.

Waste disposal

We are trying to work for a more sustainable future. We hope you will do the same: our products are packaged with different materials - so please separate the packaging waste from your order and dispose of it properly. We urge you to separate paper packaging from plastic packaging and feed them into the respective recycling cycles. (This includes removing the plastic caps from the shipping tubes with pliers or similar). Flatten the paper boxes to put them in your paper bin, or cut them up first to make sure your bin doesn’t fill up as quickly.

Thank you for your help - separate waste collection is your contribution to climate protection. Down below you will find an overview of the different packaging materials and how to dispose of them correctly. 


Our Packaging

Paper based packaging 

All of our paper based packaging materials are made from 64% to 100% recycled paper. Most of them are either FSC or PEFC certified. All the paper based packaging materials are completely recyclable. Our shipping tubes have plastic caps remove them with pliers. Please use the paper recycle circuit in your country of origin. 

Plastic packaging

Most of our prints are packaged in a plastic LDPE (Polyethylen) bag, which is used to protect the print from moisture and fingerprints. Up to this point, we have not found a more sustainable option that meets our protection requirements. Please use the recycle circuit for plastic in your country of origin. In Germany use the “Gelbe Tonne or Wertstofftonne” in order to dispose of them and the caps of our shipping tubes. 

We are open to any sustainable alternatives such as recycled bags and are happy to receive tipps to:

Bio-based Plastics 

If you ordered a "Conversations" book it was packaged in a clear bag. This bag isn’t made of plastic but a PLA bio-based resin. This material is certified by TÜV AUSTRIA, and is compostable according to the EN13432 norm. This means that they are only compostable under industrial conditions and currently can not be thrown on the domestic compost. The producers are currently working on making them domestic compostable so that in the future these bags will replace oil-based plastics. Therefore, please dispose of them in the residual waste for the time being.


Thank you for your help!