Salon Gallery - User Guide


Over the years, the list of collectors has grown and we have decided to stop accepting reservations in order to give everyone an equal opportunity to purchase an original drawing. To avoid confusion and for maximum transparency, here are a few notes and tips:

The drawings go live exactly at 15:00 (Berlin time) 9:00 am (EST). Please remember to refresh your browser.

IMPORTANT: adding a product to your cart won’t reserve the product for you (multiple people can have the same product in their cart simultaneously— this is simply how the shopping platform is built).

The order is completed only after all of the shipping and  payment info is entered and processed and you have received a confirmation!

It is obviously impossible to predict the interest of collectors to a new show, but in the past we’ve experienced some drawings being sold very quickly (sometimes in as little as a few seconds).

Here are some tips on how to improve your chances: 
Create an account on our store page beforehand. Then you won’t have to enter the address later.
When paying with Paypal: be logged in at 
If you pay with credit card: Copy the credit card number to the clipboard.

Thank you for your interest in Christoph’s art! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.


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