Framing guide

To give you some guidance regarding the framing of your print, here are some basic recommendations:

For custom framing use a professional framer in your neigbourhood. Ask for museum glass for maxiumum protection of your art work. This specially coated glass virtually eliminates reflections, blocks most UV-rays and preserves the original colours for a long time.

With works on paper you can choose between different techniques.

 1. A mat-board frames the work within the frame and makes sure the image doesn't touch the glass.


2. To give the print a more object-like character, you can chose to mount the work floating on a mounting board. The art is attached to the back a few centimetres way from the edges, creating the impression of the art floating in the frame box. This requires an object frame (deeper that a regular frame), to make sure the artwork doesn't touch the glass.

Our favourite floating frame specs are oak wood, with the inside of the frame made from the same board as the back.


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